Best sports Socks? – Stand4 Socks charity deal

29 March 2022

Best sports socks is a phrase that has always made us smile when pitching ideas around the office. I mean, surely all socks are equal, right? Of course, we know that the best sports socks offer increased support, wicking and extra padding where needed. However, one sock stands proud above the rest and not for its technical features— Stand4Socks, which donate socks to the homeless every time someone buys a pair.

Stand4Socks is a company that is working with the homeless to help make their lives better. Life on the street is tough, and personal hygiene is a challenge. Stand4 socks are trying to ease that challenge by donating a pair of antibacterial socks for every pair ordered, and they are racing towards a quarter of a million socks donated.


What types of socks are available?

Stand4 ship in three lengths; Calf, Crew and Ankle. You will also choose your material from combed cotton, twisted cotton and bamboo. Fair warning; Cotton socks are breathable but not naturally wicking, which is bad news for runners and cyclists. If you check out these socks, then head for the bamboo range. Bamboo is environmentally friendly, harder wearing, antibacterial and temperature regulating.

Of course, these socks are for a good cause, so we would thoroughly recommend the cotton socks for your post-race kit bag! The designs are fun and funky, with popular city skylines, famous faces, etc. You can even design unique socks for your team, club or family. So, why not help the homeless as you kit yourself out for your next season’s riding. Stand up for the homeless with Stand4 Socks.


Team CES Sport.


Check out the Women’s range of socks here.


Check out the Men’s range of socks here



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