Hand Built Wheels

Hand built wheels from Wales; here’s our story:

Hand built wheels are our passion. You may be at the point of your first wheel upgrade and still very new to cycling or you may be a seasoned professional. Wherever you are on your journey, we all have the same thing in common; passion. Cyclists and triathletes are a special breed. The thrill of the ride is addictive and we are always striving to improve.

You want the best product and value for money. We designed a wheel to meet a price point that is affordable to the everyday cyclist. Many of us cannot afford £1000 plus per wheel. Our original range was designed with affordability in mind. We wanted a high performance carbon wheel set that didn’t break the bank. So we built one.

We all cycle for different reasons. Fitness, competition or simply the joy of spinning up on the open road. Regardless of your motivation, you need confidence in your bike and its performance. If you are shaving milliseconds off in a time trial or spending hours in the saddle for fun, our UCI approved wheels will get you there; fast.
We’re ready to ride, are you?

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