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10 February 2020

As a pro triathlete, you are not only focused on reaching your performance goals in races, you are always on the lookout for the best equipment and accessories to support you in reaching these goals.

Revolube Bicycle Chain Lube is an innovative, time saving and ultimately cost saving chain lube like none I have ever used before. I have found typical bog-standard chain lube will not only give you an ‘oiled’ chain it will be quickly clogged up with dirt and grime (particularly during the winter months) and will need cleaning after most winter rides. For this reason, Revolube has been a complete game changer, not only is it impervious to dirt, it also less effected by wet weather, and I have found that the chain will typically run smooth for about 4-6 weeks after Revolube has been applied. Not only this it offers great piece of mind as it does not cause the chain to rust, significantly reducing the chance of the chain snapping. Revolube is definitely a product I would recommend to all cyclists and triathletes, particularly those who don’t mind braving the British winter.

Stay tuned for the next installment, as the weather improves I’ll also be applying it on the TT bike as well…but in the meantime go to www.revolubes.co.uk to check it out.

Chris Silver Professional Long Distance Triathlete

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