EZ Disc

Introducing EZ Disc Covers 

Disc wheels are more aerodynamic than spoked wheels and that means you will go faster when riding a disc than not, no matter what speed you ride at. How much faster really depends on what wheels you’re comparing them to and how fast you ride. As a rule of thumb, you could save between 30 seconds to two minutes in a 40km bike leg – and the slower you are, the more time you’ll save.

A big factor that comes into play is price, and although we’d love for you to purchase the RC Disc, we appreciate that it might be just out of budget for some, which is why we’re proud to introduce a new partnership with Cambridgeshire based company EZ Disc.

You’ll now be able to purchase an EZ Disc with any of our rim or disc brake CES Sport wheel sets, allowing you to easily convert your rear wheel into a full disc, and then back again as and when you need to.


What are EZ Disc Covers?

  • EZDisc Disc Covers give you the benefit of disc wheel aerodynamics at a much lower price tag
  • Made from Acrylonitrile Butadiebe Strene plastic which is “very strong, light and fully recyclable”
  • Solid Disc Wheel Covers that fit all 700c (622) rear wheels
  • Disc brake and rim brake compatible


Why EZ Disc?

  • Aerodynamic gains at much lower cost
  • Proven aerodynamic gains (Wind Tunnel Tested)
  • Speed increase guarantee*
  • Lifetime guarantee*
  • Made from recyclable material

Read their FAQs here