UFO Racing Track Chain


Angle and speed are crucial when riding track cycling. The CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chains for Track are key when it comes to pursuing your top speed. Thanks to a specially-developed formula, intensively tested both in the lab and real-life by our test riders, the UFO Racing Chains are proven to deliver more power when aiming for speed, helping you ride faster and achieve a better time.

The CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chains are developed for unmatched racing performance and are intended for race-day applications. The racing chains will last min. 600 km / 370 miles before significant efficiency losses, and potentially even longer under clean riding conditions. The latest frictional tests show that CeramicSpeed UFO Chains are the fastest, most reliable treated chains on the market, delivering watt savings between 2 and 5 watts.

The 1/2×3/32″ chain has 108 links.

The 1/2×1/8″ chain has 110 links.

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