1. I just want to say a big awesome thank you to Joe and his team who have gone above and beyond the normal service for me to produce a rear disc wheel for me in custom colours at short notice, I can’t put into to words how grateful I am for such outstanding service, I can highly recommend CES Sports for there top quality wheels already run on their RC 60 wheels which are super fast, and I can’t wait to try out the disc wheel when it arrives, Thanks you so much CES it’s very much appreciated

  2. Massive thanks to Joe & the team for my new rims, RC60. Oh my days. Awesome !!!! Sound and roll absolutely lovely.. Really happy.
    Thank you all 👏👏👏

  3. RC50 DB update. Ive put almost 10,000km on my RC50DB. I went for a higher end bike and went for CES RC50 wheels almost as a stop gap until I had a bit of cash to ” upgrade” to a set of Zipp 303s . That plan is now out of the window. Ive gone through 3 chains , a casette and 2 deep services. My RC50 wheels are as good as new. Im a bigger bloke ( 88kg) ive not had a single spoke bust, no bearings issue . I feel bad as I bought these as a budget wheelset and they have been brilliant. If you are a solid club rider at 300 odd FTP , that is a bit slower up the hills but happy at 40+kph on the flat , I’d buy these again and spend the excess on some aero bars .

  4. I purchased the winter wheels to allow me to ride through the winter and not have to worry about how my wheels would cope with the weather , grit etc
    Found them to be light and strong . No issues since I’ve had them and it’s a bonus that they are a company based local to me and I can’t fault the customer experience from Joe and his team. Happy to recommend

  5. Have just bought a set of RC50db wheels with Conti tubeless tyres from Joe. These wheels are fantastic! They look awesome on my Tarmac and feel seriously quick. I had Great customer service throughout and would highly recommend CES Sport to anyone looking for a new set of wheels.

  6. Excellent Disc, fast and made to a high standard. Great service from the team

  7. Bought the RC38 wheel set three months ago ,so now I can give an honest review on what I think of these wheels .
    Quality- fantastic and very well made . Very light and incredibly fast .
    Great for steep ascents and comfortable in all situations.
    Cross winds not too bad , but you do notice it but it has to be a very strong wind for any problems . I rode in 20-22 mph winds on open roads and I felt confident and safe with these wheels . CES SPORT the after service is absolutely superb . I made a mistake with the type of hubs and within days I had a replacement,you don’t get service like that anywhere now . Chapeau CES SPORT .

  8. i can say only good things about CES Sport, from the very first phone call they took the time to chat away answering all my questions and giving me advice on which wheels to choose, which would benefit me for my size and sport, with a helpful and cheerful attitude it gave me confidence in the product from the start.

    Then the day came when my wheel arrived and i was not disappointed, i was so happy and could not wait to get them fitted asap to my TT bike.
    Once i did i was over the moon with them, they look and perform great and make an awesome noise as you cut through the air at high speed, smiling as you pass other riders.

    I highly recommend CES wheels without a doubt and with be my personal preference for the foreseeable future, im currently saving for a second pair 😊🚴

  9. What can I say that has not already been said? For the money these take some beating. Got a set of Rc50s mainly as a training set but they are so good I would not rule out racing on them. They are setup tubeless and having not used this style of setup before I was doubtful I would feel a difference. I was wrong! Super smooth and the confidence to run lower pressures is a win from me.
    I had to wait a few weeks for the wheels but Joe was happy to provide updates when requested and answered all my questions fully pre sale, so great service.
    I have waited a few weeks to post this as I really wanted to test them out. One thing that has stood out is how well they brake with the supplied pads compared to my more expensive race set. For rim brake carbon brake track I am impressed.
    Good work CES .


  10. Bought RC88 deep rims in March and today 30 May 21 is the first time I’ve been out on them and……WOW!!!!
    Smooth,quiet and QUICK.
    Best wheels I’ve purchased and I’ve got a few. Will they make me win a race,NO. These will help a tremendous amount but obviously your weight and engine determines your speed but definitely helps.
    Great wheels and great company to deal with. 👍

  11. I have just taken delivery of a set of RC60/88 and I can’t speak highly enough about CES, from the order going in I had regular updates as to how the order is progressing and any questions I had were answered right away. As for the wheels themselves they are of superb quality far exceeding my expectations.
    I have just done my first Duathlon of the year on them and they are very fast smooth and responsive also with brake pads supplied even in wet conditions the baking performance is great.
    Big thanks to everyone at CES and here’s to the 2021 season.

  12. I’ve recently purchased a set of RC60’s mainly for the TT bike but am also getting some great use from them on the road machine.

    I was attracted initially by the looks, then the cost and even more so with the feedback of great customer service from Joe.

    My wheels arrived swifty but this fabled customer service was to be tested after the first ride. Joe dealt with the issue as quick as he possibly could and was fully rectified, in my mind only reinforcing the reputation of fine customer service.

    The wheels look great and roll really well. I will definitely be returning to pick up a rear disc wheel later this year.

    Thanks Joe and CES!

  13. Finally got round to writing a review on my RC/60/88’s with Hutchinson’s Tubeless Ready Fusion 5 (also bought through CES Sport).

    Before getting onto the wheels, Joe and the teams customer service has been brilliant. They were very helpful in giving their opinion on which wheels to go for (triathlon newbie). I mistakingly ordered disk brake wheels to begin with which Joe credit to him laughed it off and replaced them as soon as he could! Joe’s kept in touch and his engagement on social media is a nice touch. Something you don’t get with “bigger brands”. Very happy customer!

    The wheels themselves feel great, my usual loop avg speeds have increased, they’re lighter than the standard wheelset that came with my bike (giant tcr advanved 2 2021). The tyres Joe recommended, mentioned above have been faltless, tubeless ready and roll nice and smoothly.

    Without any tools, Joe was even ready to install a cassette and whack on the wheels… very handy as when the wheels arrived all I needed to do was to was change the brake pads (carbon pads provided by CES Sport) and off I went.


    I’ve just completed my first triathlon this weekend using the wheels and couldn’t be happier.

    Time to save some pennies and get another pair..!

  14. Fabulous customer service and regular updates on my order process right through to despatch and delivery expectations. Got my disc wheel to complete the triathlon set up and can’t wait to give it a proper session! Would highly recommend. Many thanks.

  15. Bought a set of RC60/88’s for my TT bike. The service from CES was absolutely amazing. Any questions that I had were answered and handled almost straight away. Delivery also came within the time frame that was stated.

    Never got a chance to use the wheels before racing so it was a bit of an unknown come race day. The race was very windy and very wet however these wheels are a serious bit of kit. Braking performance was terrific and they handled brilliantly in the wind. I personally held back a bit due to never using the wheels before but holding speeds over 35kph was effortless, they’ve got the potential to go ever faster with the right rider.

    I couldn’t tell you if there’s much difference in the performance between a set of ZIPP’s and these but if you buy a set of CES Sport wheels, I reckon you could use the money you’ve saved to make more substantial performance gains elsewhere.

    These really are a top set of wheels for a fraction of the price.

  16. Bought a set of RC50 wheels as an everyday set for my road bike. From the outset CES were very approachable and were honest as to potential delivery due to them being on back order. I needn’t of worried as they arrived in a few weeks, well packaged and exactly as I hoped.

    In reality they are a great set of wheels. Spin up quickly, feel pretty stiff and look great. They are pretty comparable to my deeper Rovals [which were significantly more expensive] and didn’t feel laggy at all on the Cornish hills. Would deffo consider another deeper set for upcoming races on the TT bike. Great wheels and great value even coming with some spare brake blocks and skewers.

  17. Have had a set RC60 for a year now and have raced on open roads on race tracks with them. Very solid and light, I crashed in a sprint last September and got another riders pedal stuck in the rear wheel, I was expecting the worst but there was only minor damage to spokes and I got them wheel back to brand new with a little bit of fettling.

    The wheels look amazing on the bike and you do feel an increase in speed say cycling into a headwind or with a tailwind.

    Good on climbing also, they feel like you get more power down when on a short 10% drag for example.

    Plan to get a set of RC 38’s at some point which would be better for very windy race days.


  18. I had a set budget for a decent bike and a wheelset. After a few days of research I went with a set of CES RC50DB , this allowed me to purchase a more expensive , higher spec bike. So far it’s been a great decision. The wheels are nice and fast , as expected with 50mm Carbon rims they hold the speed really well at over 30kph. The hubs sound great too, not too loud and attention grabbing yet loud enough to make you grin when free wheeling down a hill. The black decals are subdued enough to look sharp on my bike. So far my wheels have been a delight to ride on. I’m running a pair of Michelin Power road 28mm tyres , my averages are much improved, that could be a winter on Zwift and / or a new bike however the wheels are superb value for money and I have lots of confidence in them.

    Joe and the team at CES have been great with customer service and I would happily recommend CES RC50 DB to any cyclist that is looking to really step up from from weekend warrior to KoM hunting amateur that’s looking to improve.

    • Update, 2500km done, wheels are still true. Loving them. Highly recommended

      • Update number 2. Over 4000km on my CES RC50DB. I’m now on a pair of Pirelli P-Zero clinchers after I started to get a few punctures on the Michelin Power Road ( awesome tyres just worn out) . The wheels are running faultless. As true as the first day I had them. No issues with worn bearings either. These are top quality wheels !

  19. I have been using CES 60’s for the past 6 months. You get a lot for your money… they are lightweight, responsive and (most importantly).. make your bike look bad-ass! In comparison to expensive mass market brands i see no drop in performance…

    I would highly recommend CES Sport wheels to any cyclist or triathlete…. from amateur to elite athlete. These wheels are excellent!

  20. No impressive bike pic (yet)…CES and Joe bent over backwards to ensure I ordered the right tyre kit to my needs and CES wheels – my bike knowledge is of an even lower standard than my cycling!
    Thank you Joe/CES

  21. Fantastic set of wheels!
    Not only do they look great but run smooth and have definitely contributed to increased speed.

  22. The RC50 wheels are fantastic. They are light, strong and fast. The breaking surface is fantastic and despite lots of standing water and rain the braking was never an issue. Highly recommend these wheels

  23. They are a very smooth ride. The aerodynamics make such a difference. Riding on straights you can feel that they are faster than the standard bike wheels but they also hold their speed well rounding corners. I have ridden over the last few months in several races with some strong gusty winds. Its hard enough riding into headwinds, the cyclists nemesis, but the difference with the CES 60’s really helped. They seem to cut through the wind well, and when I had a tail wind, they got up to speed super fast, rolling well and allowing me to maintain some high speeds with minimal effort. I have reached speeds on the flat of over 55kph so there are definitely no issues regarding speed! I was slightly concerned regarding side winds with the deeper rims but they haven’t really proved an issue. As to be expected the 60mm rims do catch the wind slightly, but I didn’t experience to much loss in speed or to much difficulty in handling.

    One concern I had with a “cheaper brand”, is quality and how the product is made. I was worried about the strength slightly but I have to say over the last few months that concern has gone. I have ridden on some bumpy surfaces and also had a crash where the front wheel took the entire impact. I am delighted to say that the wheels have some out of all that without a scratch.

    Overall the wheels tick all the boxes for me being an amateur triathlete, High quality, strong, fast, look sexy on the bike and value for money. I am extremely delighted and proud to be a brand ambassador for these wheels and be part of Team CES.

  24. I absolutely love these wheels! I got the RC50’s to put on my racing bike that I use for Time Trials and Triathlon’s, and the difference compared to my old wheels is fantastic.

    The customer service from CES has also been fantastic. I had to take the wheels to be trued when they first arrived, with the shop showing a slightly bent spoke, but on contacting CES to let them know a spoke got bent in transit, they couldn’t have been more helpful and even refunded the cost of the wheel true.

    I’ve been letting all my friends know about these wheels and trying to get them to purchase a set for themselves.

    If you need an aero carbon wheelset, then these are definitely worth getting.

  25. Making the switch from a well known brand of wheels to an ‘up and coming’ brand is a daunting prospect. I, like many, replied heavily upon the recommendations of other cyclists on what brands to go with or avoid.
    When my last set of summer wheels but the dust, I was recommended CES by a club mate and I’m glad a made the switch.

    I’ve had ‘budget’ wheels in the past and my experiences have never been good. However, the first thing that impressed me about CES, was the customer service. I had great contact from the company throughout, who even offered my a colour way, not even on their website at the time! I’m not sure a so called ‘premier’ brand who’d have done that!

    Straight from the box, the wheels were everything I’d expected and more! The finish quality on the wheels was amazing and they looked great. The wide rim with made for a better fit with my choice of tyres and instantly looked and felt better when riding on them.

    I went with the RC60 wheelset and despite the depth, the wheels have been so stable, even in reasonably windy Welsh weather conditions. The wheels get up to speed in no time at all and the depth of the RC60’s made it very easy to maintain the bike at a great pace! Unlike some other carbon wheels I have ridden, there is almost no flex when putting the power down and they are great under braking, both of which (when coupled with their great overall weight) mean climbing isn’t hampered, even in deep section rims!

    For me, my experience of both purchasing and riding CES Sports wheels has been amazing and I’ll definitely get another set, they finished off the look of my bike perfectly!

  26. I thought I’d jot down my thoughts on my new wheels.
    I purchased my RC50’s recently and to say I am very impressed would be an understatement. Once they arrived I was eager to get them set up as I had planned a ride the next day. The next morning I was interested to see how they performed as the route was a good mix of gradients (up to 17%) and flat sections. They performed admirably on the hills as they are light enough to not notice at all but on the flats and rolling sections was where they shined. Easily accelerating up to speed then once you hit 20ish they just want to hold it there. It was a real pleasure.

    Being in North Yorkshire you can pretty much expect all seasons in one day so I got to test them out in rain and shine and they worked great. Need to adjust your braking a little in the wet but that’s to be expected with any carbon rims.

    The last thing I’ll ramble on about is the look. They are awesome. Bumped into a local club and rode with them for a bit and I got plenty of admiring comments, a few even took down the website.
    To be fair, you could say I really like these and you’d be right. They are fast, light and a fraction of the cost of so called ‘big brand’ wheels. I don’t like the word ‘budget’ when describing these wheels as that can imply CES have cut corners or scrimped in some way as that is definitely not the case. I’ll just go with great wheels, great value.

    One very happy customer.

  27. I’ve done well over 500 miles now on a pair of these wheels – RC50 front and RC88 rear.They’re fantastic – fast, stiff and very enice-looking. Previously I ran Zipp 404’s on the same bike – the CES wheels are *much* better, although to be fair the Zipp’s are over 7 years old. My one quibble is that as a tubeless set I’d expect them to come with tubeless rim tape and tubeless valves; non-extended tubeless valves for the RC88 are not easy to find. Even so, I’m running them tubeless and they’re going extremely well.

  28. After a lot of googling and consideration I decided on the RC50’s and I can honestly say what a brilliant decision it was! I’ve been lucky enough to test them in France and they conquered every challenge I could throw at them. They climb beautifully, being light and stiff but where they really shine is anywhere you get above 25kph. Once you reach a decent speed you can feel the wheels change as they slice through the air, effortlessly rolling. I have used them for a few TT’s and they have added at least 2-3kph on my average speed. They also look great! On top of that, the customer service is excellent, I was kept up to date throughout and Joe was great, working hard to get them out in time for my trip. Yes you might be able to get all the bells and whistles if you spend a more but if you want to get a whole load of wheel for your money, look no further!!

  29. I bought the RC50’s after speaking to a local long distance pro triathlete.
    She was very enthusiastic about her wheels and I have been really pleased all round.
    Great personal customer service and they arrived ahead of schedule.
    They are great to ride and like the other reviews seem best at rolling speed. No problem with local climbs.
    Brake well and look good.
    Really happy and am looking at another pair for my son. Huge plus being UCI approved too for races.

  30. I brought these wheels having returned a previous set of more expensive carbon wheels from a leading bike website (their own brand which are similarly price, but were very poor quality – a shard of carbon broke off inside the rim!). Well I’d read the reviews but have to say I was a little dubious if CES were really as good as everyone was stating. Well I can verify after a 50 mile ride over the weekend that my new RC50’s with ceramic hubs not only sound amazing but simply float on the road. New Pb’s on Strava achieved and my Cervelo looks and sounds great with them.

    Joe (the owner) was brilliant in his customer service, keeping me informed, when to expect my delivery and even following up (from his holiday in France – via a french keyboard!) to check if they had arrived and I was happy.

    Best product choice I could have made. Don’t be tempted by so called big online bike websites discounting their wheels. These are cheaper and quite frankly 100% better.

    Thanks Joe

  31. Recently took delivery of RC60’s with ceramic bearings that look the absolute biz! Only a few rides in and I can see performance increases throughout, especially so at higher speeds. Joe was a pleasure to deal with, I would highly recommend. 5 star all the way

  32. Well I bought these fantastic wheels from CES sport a few months ago specifically for IMW in Tenby! The service has been first class from beginning to end. The wheels are not only great to look at but made a huge difference to me throughout the tough bike course. I knocked 1 hour 24 mins off last years ride! Completing the course in 6:26!
    Can’t recommend them enough! You don’t need to spend a fortune to have good quality fast carbon wheels!

  33. Great wheels. Rode them in windy conditions at 70.3 Weymouth and was 3 mins off the fastest age grouper. Have won a couple of twos up TTS this year. Love the look and the way that the ceramic bearings ride. Great investment in speed.

  34. My husband treated me to Ces-sport carbons, at the beginning of the season. I was unsure at first but after asking some questions I couldn’t be happier, I’ve raced on them all season and they got me around my first 70.3 at Staffs. Helpful friendly staff and quick delivery.

  35. Thanks to Joe at CES Sport. The experience was fast and painless and the customer support was top notch. The wheels are amazing and highly recommended. #CycloCross

  36. I purchased the wheel set for training but ended up racing on them for IMB (Calella). I can not recommend the service enough, how professional the company are and the quality of the wheels.

  37. I I purchased a pair of clincher 50’s to replace a pair of wheels I’ve destroyed on South Wales roads. Love them, fast,smooth, quiet when you want them and noisey freehub. Customer service second to none. Brilliant

  38. Fantastic customer service from the guys at ces, got my wheels out superquick ready to rock and roll at World 24hr champs. These wheel do not disappoint not only do they look the dogs, they are smooth and fast. They can take a pounding too sand, grit etc. In the Desert they held there own and didn’t let me down. I’ve asked Santa a spare set 50-50 when released for being a good girl

  39. Couldn’t be happier with my RC50’s! Order process was super smooth and they are unbelievable value for money.
    Joe was on hand from start to finish answering any questions I had too.
    Obviously most importantly they look AMAZING!
    So here’s a quick pick of them on my bike which is a 2018 carbon frame Liv Langma.

  40. Had a problem with a spoke on the rear wheel of my RC88, contacted Joe and he immediately responded with advice of what I could do, the wheel is as great as it was when built, Joe’s fantastic customer service, advice and speed of getting this issue sorted was top draw. So not only do you get great wheels, just as importantly great after sales customer services.

  41. I’ll leave a more in-depth review once I’ve ridden my bike a bit more. These are for my summer bike. Bought some RC60 clinchers, they look absolutely fantastic, run smooth(only did a 10miler). But the service I received from day one was first class, nothing was too much trouble even on Christmas Eve.

  42. So pleased with my tubeless RC50s. Being new to tubeless they are tricky getting on but it was my first practice. Smooth ride, responsive and firm. Quick and brake well. Couldn’t want for more. I’m looking forward to my first long ride on them sunday

  43. I am pleased with these wheels. I got a set of the RC60 wheels in yellow to match my bike. I raced on these last year and found the good. They are smooth and fast and even climb well. I did both races and sportive events and they were great all round. I used my old non deep wheels for the winter and have noticed a big difference when I put these back on for race season this year. Would recommend with the price and performance.

  44. I’ve had my RC50 wheels for about a year now and I must say I regret the purchase.
    The long wait aside, the wheels arrived with one rim cracked. Presumably due to poor handling during shipping, not ces’ fault there. Joe was good with getting it replaced but it was another very long wait. Long enough for the shoddy bearings in the front hub to need replacing. The rear wheel returned and build quality was lower, several spokes were very loose on the non-drive side and it was over tight on the drive side just to keep the dish vaguely correct. I suspect this was due in part to reusing the old spokes or heaven forbid putting in the wrong length. It was also returned sans rim tape and skewer, these were delivered after their absence was pointed out, but all in all lots of waiting.
    Just shy of 1000 miles later the rear bearings are showing their age and I fear it won’t be long before I have to shell out more to get them replaced.
    The logos look cheap and I have ended up taping over them for fear someone else will take my use of them as a recommendation.
    I will say breaking is good, and they are fairly light.

  45. After a fair amount of deliberation I took the plunge and bought a pair of RC50’s last summer…the reason I’m writing this review now is that I’ve just got my summer bike back out and have been reminded how good the wheels are !
    I’m really pleased that I made the investment as the wheels transformed both the performance and the look of my bike.
    The customer service was also spot on throughout

  46. I bought a set of the 50mm CES in Matt black through Rightbike Cyles in Ireland. So far I have ridden them over 2000km and they roll perfect. I choose to run them with 25mm Tyres and feel brilliant. They also look superb on my road bike after which I will swop to my Tri bike for the summer. The CES team were excellent to reply my emails and I’d have no issue in dealing with them in the future.

  47. In love with my CES wheels. I love the variety of colour choices! Would definitely recommended

  48. I bought a set of RC50’s which arrived just in time for my trip to France. I’ve put them through their paces up and down the mountains and can safely say they are a superb set of wheels and value for money. The handling and braking is spot on and I’ve grown in confidence the more I’ve ridden them. Would highly recommend!!

  49. I have two wheel sets from CES. My 88s are reliable, fast and solid. A great option for increasing performance over long course racing! My disc… wow….. just wow!

  50. I purchased a 50 / 60 set of CES carbon wheels. I took them around Ironman Wales for a starter and haven’t taken them off since!
    Safe to say they have been delightful. The ride is comfy, they climb well and accelerate and maintain speed beautifully. Would highly recommend speaking to CES about your individual needs. Great to speak to a firm who are interested in what you need and have a great product

  51. My CES RC50 wheels are brilliant! Fantastic quality and value…..and most importantly they are very quick!!!

  52. Anyone considering these wheels take it from me they are well worth the money and I don’t mean the fact they are a cheap price I mean they are an absolute steal 💰

    As for the wheels I’ve had them now for 12 months and can honestly say they are ace they have took a pounding as my local roads are awful but they are as true as the day they where delivered

    Joe the guy who I dealt with is a true gent always goes out of his way to help me I wish other companies had a ‘Joe’…

  53. Bought a set of 60/88s for my track bike and love them. Joe has been brilliant to deal with as well. Highly recommended.

  54. Fastest f***ing wheels I’ve ever had plus I sound like Darth Vader when riding them. I have the full disc version. I won’t ride any other wheels now. Plus when I stop for food it acts as my plate. CES all the way

  55. Absolutely super fast wheels and most definitely helped me gain that top spot at Ironman Kona! Lovely and light, look amazing and feel fast! Joe at CES is the nicest guy and extremely helpful with whatever your needs are.

  56. Absolutely fantastic set of wheels that punch well above its price tag. They’re fast and smooth to ride and having rode them in the wind in lanzarote can say they handle a dream. Definitely a purchase that’s worth making if you’re in the market for some new bling

  57. Fantastic set of wheels and the service was top quality. Joe answered all questions I had and very speedily. 100% recommend CES.

  58. I ummed and arred for 2 years about getting carbon wheels. Are they worth it? Will they cope with my weight? Will I notice a difference in my riding? Are they that much more comfortable? Well I finally committed, and let me tell you all. There is not one single regret and the answer to all the above is yes, yes, yes and YES.
    These wheels are incredible. They make the bike look even more fantastic, they climb like beasts and roll on the flat with so much ease. They easily add an extra 1-2mph with no added effort to normal.
    Joe has been extraordinary throughout the entire process, from before even placing the order, he answered all questions with honesty and was more than happy to iron out any queries I had. I really cannot put into words how impressed I am, with the performance, aesthetics and also, the customer service received. These wheels are easily worth double what they are going for.

  59. 1 year review, it’s been 1 year since upgrading my racing 6 wheels to ces rc50 with the ceramic bearings, distance covered approx 1200 miles, the wheels have transformed my tarmac sl2 , lightness and strength in abounds the wheels are smooth to ride,the added 50mm Gives aero improvements overall speed, My average speeds have gone up with little extra effort,
    They have proved robust on some poor road surfaces we have at the moment but get them on a smooth surface they run quick and quiet.
    The best upgrade investment for my bike , 10/10.

  60. I purchased a set of RC50DBs end of last summer, i have done quite a few miles on them, and all i can say is dont waste your time or money looking at any other make, these are superb ! fast , smooth, light, you will not be disappointed, The service and advice from Joe was great from the start, and even after they had been delivered, great company to deal with!

  61. I purchased a set of RC60 in January this i had only a few miles on them, and decided my Argon 18 E117 Tri bike colour scheme didn’t do the wheels justice, they are the best purchase I have made and affordable also UCI approved and up there with top brands, I have dealt with Joe on few different occasions he always willing to help and give advice.

  62. Hi there

    got a set of 60s and race them in road races. There is a marked difference if say you go from Zonda’s to these wheels, they are so solid and for what ever reason improve corning grip.

    One regular race I do is around a race track with lots of fast tight bends and it is easy to see the advantage i get on other riders.

    I have crashed once with them which is just cycling, it was a bad enough bang on the front and my rear wheel getting stuck in another riders pedal. It was almost 10 mins before 2 mechanics could figure out how to separate the bikes. I was expecting the rear wheel to be written off but it was only slightly out of line and was fixed with a few mins of spoke key work.

    I love these wheels, they look great and perform beyond my expectations.

  63. I purchased a pair of RC88 earlier this year for Challenge Roth. Unfortunately this year hasn’t panned out the way any of us planned. But what I can say is “what an amazing purchase I made”. These wheels look awesome and feel amazing when up to speed. I use them on the race track at Castle combe and love every minute of flying around the track on them. Let’s hope 2021 is slightly better and I get to put them to proper use in Roth

  64. I purchased a front 80mm wheel. In January , have ridden 18 times no issues and the colours now match my bike brgds I will buy the back ASAP

  65. Absolutly solid wheels yet again again from CES Sport originally purchased a set of RC38s close to 2 years ago still own these and love riding and racing on them! More recently picked up a set of the RC60’s in stealthed out black and they not only look mega but ride just as great my training and race wheels of choice from amateur up to elite level!

  66. I purchased an 80mm front wheel , excellent so far but only ridden 18 times colours match my bike well, will buy rear disc when I can afford !! brgds

  67. I have had my 50’s for nearly 3 years and they are still performing at top level. I have rode many a mountains, Ride London’s and sportifs …. Cracking set of wheels. Thank you

    • I have CES wheels, t-shirt and even face mask…love them all.
      Customer service and guidance is unbeatable…love these guys

  68. Zoom, Zoom Zoom.

    I honestly can’t thank or recommend CES Sport enough after the amazing help, support and customer service I’ve experienced from them over the last couple of weeks.

    After a disappointing 2019 where my original wheel let me down on my two main races, I bit the bullet and purchased some new wheels. After looking around at options I decided to get myself a set of CES after a friend of mine recently purchased some, and the price was very competitive and more important a welsh brand made in Wales.

    Firstly, the communication back and forth was top notch with great insight into the design and type of wheel to make sure I had what I wanted etc.

    Once the wheels arrived, I couldn’t wait to get them onto my bike and waw they looked awesome and really made the bike look the part.

    After some bad luck last year and at the beginning of 2020, I decided to go tubeless to reduce my risk of punctures. Thankfully the team at CES knew their onions and were able to talk me through some teething issues I had with the wheels and overcame them.
    So, 2 weeks out from the race I went out on a spin, the back wheel wasn’t holding its pressure very well, so I contacted CES to see what they advised. This was magic, I send a query in the morning, the wheel was collected in the afternoon and returned on Tuesday fully ready for race day.

    The engineer found the route cause to be a leaking tire, yes tire, who knew. Conti 5000 too. Air was escaping through the walls of the tire, but was resolved with magic.

    Race day they didn’t disappoint, they looked good, felt good and sounded amazing rushing along at 40km/h. I’m so pleased with the wheel and can’t recommend the quality of them enough but mostly the personal touch that goes along with them.

    Diolch Boyos.


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