1. Hi there

    got a set of 60s and race them in road races. There is a marked difference if say you go from Zonda’s to these wheels, they are so solid and for what ever reason improve corning grip.

    One regular race I do is around a race track with lots of fast tight bends and it is easy to see the advantage i get on other riders.

    I have crashed once with them which is just cycling, it was a bad enough bang on the front and my rear wheel getting stuck in another riders pedal. It was almost 10 mins before 2 mechanics could figure out how to separate the bikes. I was expecting the rear wheel to be written off but it was only slightly out of line and was fixed with a few mins of spoke key work.

    I love these wheels, they look great and perform beyond my expectations.

  2. I purchased a pair of RC88 earlier this year for Challenge Roth. Unfortunately this year hasn’t panned out the way any of us planned. But what I can say is “what an amazing purchase I made”. These wheels look awesome and feel amazing when up to speed. I use them on the race track at Castle combe and love every minute of flying around the track on them. Let’s hope 2021 is slightly better and I get to put them to proper use in Roth

  3. I purchased a front 80mm wheel. In January , have ridden 18 times no issues and the colours now match my bike brgds I will buy the back ASAP

  4. Absolutly solid wheels yet again again from CES Sport originally purchased a set of RC38s close to 2 years ago still own these and love riding and racing on them! More recently picked up a set of the RC60’s in stealthed out black and they not only look mega but ride just as great my training and race wheels of choice from amateur up to elite level!

  5. I purchased an 80mm front wheel , excellent so far but only ridden 18 times colours match my bike well, will buy rear disc when I can afford !! brgds

  6. I have had my 50’s for nearly 3 years and they are still performing at top level. I have rode many a mountains, Ride London’s and sportifs …. Cracking set of wheels. Thank you

    • I have CES wheels, t-shirt and even face mask…love them all.
      Customer service and guidance is unbeatable…love these guys

  7. Zoom, Zoom Zoom.

    I honestly can’t thank or recommend CES Sport enough after the amazing help, support and customer service I’ve experienced from them over the last couple of weeks.

    After a disappointing 2019 where my original wheel let me down on my two main races, I bit the bullet and purchased some new wheels. After looking around at options I decided to get myself a set of CES after a friend of mine recently purchased some, and the price was very competitive and more important a welsh brand made in Wales.

    Firstly, the communication back and forth was top notch with great insight into the design and type of wheel to make sure I had what I wanted etc.

    Once the wheels arrived, I couldn’t wait to get them onto my bike and waw they looked awesome and really made the bike look the part.

    After some bad luck last year and at the beginning of 2020, I decided to go tubeless to reduce my risk of punctures. Thankfully the team at CES knew their onions and were able to talk me through some teething issues I had with the wheels and overcame them.
    So, 2 weeks out from the race I went out on a spin, the back wheel wasn’t holding its pressure very well, so I contacted CES to see what they advised. This was magic, I send a query in the morning, the wheel was collected in the afternoon and returned on Tuesday fully ready for race day.

    The engineer found the route cause to be a leaking tire, yes tire, who knew. Conti 5000 too. Air was escaping through the walls of the tire, but was resolved with magic.

    Race day they didn’t disappoint, they looked good, felt good and sounded amazing rushing along at 40km/h. I’m so pleased with the wheel and can’t recommend the quality of them enough but mostly the personal touch that goes along with them.

    Diolch Boyos.


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